Let’s talk about this, because this is probably the most important aspect of you’r life and let me explain that.

Maybe you are student, and have alot of homework to finish until tomorrow, but before, you want to relaxing a little bit, and you decide to coming on computer.

You stay in you’r chair now and reading this articles right? ok…this articles not take much time to reading right? ok…after you finish, you think “Hmm, i should to work on homework, maybe…but it’s only 6 o’clock, i have much time to finish them after i watch one movie” and yes, probably after you watch you can work on you’r homework, but… just now you’r favorite youtuber upload a new video, and you don’t miss all his new content, and you decide to watch to him videos.

After you finish to watch videos, you probably think you are done with all and start to really work to you’r homework, but no…it’s just beginning.

In every most case, after you watched one videos, you will watch another 30-40 videos because have good thumbnail and clickbait title.

It’s 10 o’clock and you say “hmm, i will make homework morning, i’m tired now, maybe i go sleep”, this is one day, but this will repeat over and over.

This is one case, of sure…exist alot of other things and situation that contribuite to being lazy, but i give it one example.

How many good and important things you less for one non-important action?

How many times you said “today, i wanna change myself, because now i’m ridiculous.”

How many times you lost for nothing?

Think about it..because all the time it’s limited, and you probably lose it, if you don’t change that situations.

I now, all the media today want to take you’r look, and take a good amount of you’r time ( i don’t say anything in all the internet it’s not ok, but you must to be pretty careful how to gestionate you’r time).

Make it now    

Don’t forget this, time is precious and you not want to waste time with irelevant things, when you say as you want to make homework, do it right now..not maybe in 2 hours, not in 30 minutes…Now.

In other case, this articles is purely for example, everyone gestionate his own time after how they want.



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